Windswept is a story about several pets abandoned, left to survive on their own. After an earthquake - accompanied by a hurricane - several lives were taken. Due to flooding and damage, everyone had to evacuate. Excluding a few small but precious creatures. It was considered too risky to rescue those who were trapped. The eye of the hurricane was nearing it's end...


Luna - Not-as-fluffy grey Himalayan munchkin

Zoe - Pit bull/mutt mix

Thomas - Calico

Apollo - German shepherd

Quincy - Alaskan malamute

Bailey - Beagle

Almond - Cockapoo (I die of laughter every time. ;v;)

Carl - British shorthair

Babeu - British shorthair

Agro - Chimera

Cole - Alaskan klee kai

Bruce - American Staffordshire terrier

Levi - Shiba Inu