Our lord and savior, Pink Toaster

The Adventures of Pink Toaster is a personal webcomic about a murderous pink toaster and friends. Her goal is to marry the ultimate alpaca. Sadly, that never happened. So who the fuck cares. She has adopted a few different forms, including Marco the Pink Toaster (from Shingeki no Kyojin), Fuwa Fuwa Nekomata-san, Pink Walrus of the Sky Gods, and the almighty ToastSIR. Her friends are Jean (a pair of jeans with - sometimes - a dolphin head, and again, inspired from Shingeki no Kyojin), Levi the dog (SnK fuck yeah), Pineapple Mikasa (pretty obvious), Tintin, and Satan.

~ Fuwa Fuwa Nekomata-san ~
Just don't change this, dumbass.

Marco and Jean


Precious Satan


A moment in Marco and Jean's first adventure. Here, they are seen throwing cheese at Walmart employee Eren Jaeger while attempting to catch him in a Masterball.


Tintin sitting on some broccoli